What Jean Wants is a box of odd chocolates that got together and it just works. Our journey is a journey of discovery with four people on a quest for musical bliss.

What Jean Wants is a mantra. It’s our mantra for the world and for us. It’s grounds to speak up for what you want. It’s about getting together for a common purpose that is based on friendship, love, and mutual appreciation.

What Jean Wants is also about a woman coming into the man cave, where the guys in the band will always give her patient space to allow her to find her voice and to voice it. It can be difficult for a woman to have her own voice in the company of men. What Jean Wants is about being accepted and welcome, and allows for “you” to come out of your shell and be free with a group of people you feel comfortable with, that want to hear what you want to sing, hear what want you play, and hear what you want to say.