What’s in a band name?

Well, everything. It’s who you will be known as to the world. It’s something you will have around you for as long as you represent your art and your music. And it’s something you better like because if you change it, you’re likely to confuse or lose your fan base, not always but it can happen some times.

How do bands and artists come up with the right name?

Band and artist names are found in every way possible, ranging from deliberately mindful thought, tongue-in-cheek explorations, and or accidental mindless discoveries that uniquely resound with you and your band.

So how do you know when you’ve found the right name?

When you have found just the right band name or artist name, it will be an “Aha” moment that stops you in your tracks and makes you feel physically, mentally, and spiritually good about it and how it represents you. The right name will portray the realities of who you are as well as show you the possibilities of whom you can and will become.

What if you feel you have compromised on a band name or artist name, and you’re still not sure about it? How do you confront those doubts?

You never really know whether a band name is right or wrong for you until you try it on for size and try to give the name meaning by just being who you are musically and letting the name become defined by your sound and your art.  The right band name identifies the band or artist at an artistic and personal level to both the band and their fans.

When is it the right time to find your band name?

Choosing a band name usually occurs at some point after the group has developed a cohesive musical bond and everyone has a feeling that what they’re doing should be continued at some sort of official representative level. Thus a band name is usually needed to start gigging or branding the band.

Band names have come from every unpredictable source and obvious place that you can think of. Band names are usually very original or obvious. Sometimes an unconventional band name choice really sticks and for some reason it ends up truly representing the band really well, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blondie, or Led Zeppelin. Sometimes a band name choice is very evident and self-explanatory like The Allman Brothers Band, Simon & Garfunkel, or Billie Eilish. These latter band names work perfectly because they literally describe who they are. Going the more creative route to finding a band name can take time or just require a moment of brilliance and awareness. Once you find it, believe in it and move forward.

Ultimately it’s the sound of the band that defines the band and the band name. And when the music is comfortable in its own skin the name becomes truly meaningful.

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