Hi! I’m Len, and I’m the bass player in our lovely band called What Jean Wants. However, before I tell you about our band and our music, I’d first like to start off by proclaiming my love for the band Rush. Rush is the reason I’m a bass player. I’m still in shock over the recent loss of Neil Peart, the drummer and main lyricist of Rush. He was your favorite drummer’s favorite drummer, and a monumental wordsmith and story teller. He touched so many lives. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences go out to Neil’s family and friends. Thank you Neil, for everything you gave us and shared with us, and thanks for always being true to yourself and never compromising. We will always be better because of your art, inspiration and conviction. Music can bring us together regardless of our social status, political leanings, or ethnic backgrounds. And I’m ever thankful to Rush for bringing me into their world and the world of being a musician.